Defy gravity and keep your natural beauty with a breast lift


    Did you know that breast lifts are currently outpacing breast implants 2-to-1?

    The number of national breast lift surgeries has increased 70% since the year 2000.

    The technical terminology for breast lift surgery is mastopexy, which is a mammoplasty procedure wherein a surgeon raises sagging breasts by changing their size, contour and elevation. During a breast lift, excess skin is removed and the existing breast tissue is tightened and reshaped to form fit the desired new contour.

    Why are breast lifts becoming more popular so quickly?

    Breast implants, although allowing for fuller breast volume, do not compensate for the loss of skin elasticity caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding, fluctuations in weight, gravity, heredity, and time! Further, all of the exercise in the world cannot undo stretched breast skin and reduced breast volume caused by the natural aging process. Thus, as surgical advancements have improved outcomes and made "lifts" more affordable, patients have begun to flock to surgeons who specialize in this complex surgery to return their youthful breast appearance.

    Why do women get a breast lift?

    There are many valid reasons women consider mastopexy surgery. The most common reasons women consider breast lift cosmetic surgery include:

    • a desire to eliminate excess "sag" from their breast
    • to proportion or re-proportion large areola's with the rest of the breast
    • to relieve pain during exercise from breasts with excessive movement
    • to restore the look of their natural breast tissue 
    • to balance changes in shape

    Is breast lift surgery harder to heal from than breast augmentation surgery?

    Yes, breast lift surgery is harder to heal from than breast augmentation surgery because, simply put, it is harder on your body. Although the surgeries sound similar, they are very different operations. Breast lift surgery is infinitely more complex and invasive than the insertion of a breast implant. It involves multiple incisions, the movement of tissue, and careful reshaping of the breast to create a balanced, beautiful and natural look. Surgical risks, healing time, aesthetic imperfections, and the risk of unbalanced breasts are much higher with breast lift surgery, and increasingly so with surgeons who are not well-versed in performing the procedure.

    What makes breast implant surgery so different than a breast lift?

    During an implant surgery, the plastic surgeon makes one small incision and simply creates a pocket in which to slide in the implant. During this procedure, it's pretty easy to hide the scar either just under the breast or within the woman's armpit. A lift surgery requires much more careful planning. More incisions are required as well as more shifting of tissue within the breast. Minimizing incision size and hiding scars immediately becomes a bigger challenge. For optimal shape and healing, precise knowledge of incision patterns and techniques is essential. Lift surgeries, although technically cosmetic, are much more similar to reconstructive surgeries because the surgeon starts out with a very different breast with each surgery. Knowing where and how to lift the breast, skin, and tissue, and where to remove any excess tissue, is not only an art but a true science requiring a heightened knowledge of skin and tissue biomechanics. Balancing breasts are also more of a challenge with lift surgeries because the breasts are often very different in size before surgery. Thus, the surgeon has to be comfortable with advanced pre-planning techniques that ensure each breast has a unique surgical plan, but that the plan allows it to ultimately have the same shape, appearance, and scar placement of it's matching breast.

  • A Conversation with Dr. Matt Bindewald

    "What is the biggest determinant of breast lift outcomes?"

    Knowledge and experience. "Breast lift surgery requires extensive and detailed pre-planning, not unlike other complex reconstructive surgeries where so much of the aesthetic result of the outcome derives from extensive knowledge of different types and densities of skin and tissue. Sometimes it helps to visualize an artist spinning a clay pot on a wheel. The most famous artists possess an exacting awareness of how the type of clay they are using will respond to their touch and the spin of the wheel. Performing a mastopexy requires a similar artful precision combined with science, math, and engineering. I have to go into the surgery with the exact map and visual of the final outcome, and then know how different types of breast skin and tissue will respond and hold utilizing different techniques in order to achieve that final result. It's easy to know how an implant will look because it has a consistent shape; mastopexy requires an understanding of so many more variables."

  • Do most women get implants with their breast lift?

    Yes, most women (about 77%) who choose to pursue breast lift surgery undergo breast augmentation surgery with implants at the same time. This percentage is so high because few women choosing the procedure have sufficient breast tissue to create and support the fullness and density she desires. This makes sense because the average age of a woman undergoing breast lift surgery is 47, when breast density has naturally declined in many women.

  • Q&A with Dr. Matt Bindewald

    "You mentioned that surgeon experience is a big factor in outcomes for this particular procedure. Why? Do a lot of women have problems after combined breast lift and augmentation surgery?"

    "The overall complication rate for combined mastoplexy and augmentation is about 23%, according to data from The American Society of Plastic Surgeons. "When you see complication numbers this high, you want to start thinking even more about your choice of surgeon and their experience performing complex reconstructive surgery procedures", states Dr. Bindewald.


    The most common complications include contracture, or hardening of the capsule around the implant; scarring; and recurrent ptosis, or drooping of the breasts. Additionally, for about one third of all breast lift patients, this is their 2nd breast plastic surgery procedure, so scar tissue from the previous surgery can present a challenge for many less experienced surgeons."


  • How much does a breast lift cost?

    The average cost of a breast lift in the United States is $4,207, according to the most recent data available from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This typically excludes the cost of anesthesia and operating room fees.


    Most of our patients find that they spend less than the national average for breast lift surgery with Dr. Bindewald. Why is this? There are three main factors that add cost to your surgery: the complexity of your specific surgery, geographic location, and operating room facility fees.

    Cost Determinants of Breast Lift Surgery

    1. Breast size and degree of sagging. Women with smaller breasts and a moderate degree of sagging will fall on the lower end of the price spectrum than women with larger breasts or breasts with significant sag.  The advanced techniques and time required to reconstruct the more extensive cases adds to a patient's overall cost. 
    2. Geographic location. Believe it or not, where you live matters when it comes to the cost of your plastic surgery. Here in San Antonio, we has a much lower cost of living index  than similarly sized cities like Houston, Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas, and Austin, and we have an exceptionally dense and acclaimed medical community. This gives our patients access to some of the best plastic surgeons in the nation at a more affordable cost, since our overhead for office space and operations is often so much less. Because of the cost and access, many patients choose to travel to Texas or within Texas to see us.
    3. Operating room facility fees. Operating room fees are costly because of the extensive expenses involved in running and maintaining all of the equipment necessary for complex surgical procedures. Dr. Bindewald operates out of two hospitals, Methodist Specialty & Transplant Hospital, and Foundation Hospital, where his volume of procedures and relationships locally have afforded him access and streamlined costs that he in turn extends to his patients.  After your initial consultation for breast lift surgery, our quote includes all fees, so patients know exactly what they are paying well in advance.

    What's more expensive? A breast lift or breast implants?

    Breast lift surgery is more costly than breast augmentation surgery because it requires significantly more time and surgical skill than implant placement. During a mastopexy "lift" procedure, the surgeon makes multiple incisions and has to perform advanced and careful dissection within the breast cavity. Further, there is extensive surgical closure involved, an essential piece of the surgical puzzle to ensure minimal scarring, faster healing, and exceptional outcomes.


    In contrast, breast augmentation surgery is a relatively quick procedure, requiring only a small incision followed by precise creation of an implant "pocket", insertion, and closure. Many of our breast lift patients specifically seek out Dr. Bindewald over a traditional "implant" plastic surgeon because of his advanced reconstructive surgery experience.

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