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  • Reconstructive Surgery

    San Antonio reconstructive surgeon Dr. Matt Bindewald combines art and science to restore aesthetic and ability

    Dr. Matt Bindewald is an experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeon based in San Antonio, TX. Much of his practice is dedicated to complex reconstructive surgeries such as breast reconstruction after cancer, burn reconstruction, reconstruction after trauma (car accidents, dog bites, etc), facial skin cancer reconstruction, scar revision, skin grafting, tissue expansion, and post-bariatric repair and contouring surgeries.


    Reconstructive surgeries often involve more than one surgery at once (combined procedures). Further, they demand a deep understanding of how to perform surgery that not only produces an ideal aesthetic outcome, but also restores or corrects functional ability.


    Dr. Bindewald's medical experience has made him a highly regarded surgeon in San Antonio and South Texas for patients needing complex reconstruction.

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    Are you considering a reconstructive surgery procedure? Dr. Matt Bindewald has extensive experience with complex reconstructive surgeries, and is known for his attention to detail when planning the techniques and tools he will use during surgery to achieve your ideal aesthetic and functional outcome. Emergency appointments available. Referrals from other physicians also accepted.


    Dr. Bindewald's exacting techniques and artistry, combined with our transparency in pricing, has resulted in patients who are overwhelmingly pleased with their final outcome.


    We accept and welcome patient questions both online and in person; Dr. Bindewald responds to all patient inquiries directly. Our HIPAA-compliant website and email ensures your utmost discretion and privacy when sending communication to our surgical team.


    Contact us online or schedule an appointment in our San Antonio office today. You can reach us at the phone number or email address listed below, through this web form, or schedule your own appointment via our online request form, which can be accessed here.

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