Upper body plastic surgery consists of one or a combination of procedures including but not limited to arm lift surgery, breast lift, spot liposuction, gynecomastia surgery, skin roll removal, and other tightening surgeries. You can access detailed information on many of the individual procedures, for example, breast lift surgery and gynecomastia surgery, within our site. Other surgeries, such an combined procedures that incorporate several parts of the upper body, are better understood through a direct consultation with Dr. Bindewald as each surgery is so unique.


    Although some upper body plastic surgery procedures are purely cosmetic, many patients seek surgical reconstruction expert Dr. Matt Bindewald for his expertise in planning complex cases to ensure ideal aesthetic and functional outcomes after surgery. His extensive experience and understanding of how each part of the procedure is interconnected, the order in which the surgical plan should be pursued, and the surgical style required to achieve the best result is unique. Many plastic surgeons prefer to not take on these types of procedures for their complexity. Dr. Bindewald's entire practice focuses on this combination of art and form.


    Schedule a consultation to discuss your customized upper body plan.